Weapon of Choice recap.

As I mentioned a few posts back, me and Darcie were down in Bristol for the weekend, leaving you in the... capable... hands of Ted. The trip, I was happy to hear, coincided with the re-opening of the Weapon of Choice gallery due ot a change in location (to directly underneath Fifty Fifty on Park st.)

It was an awesome night and we met some really rad people, namely the guys from the gallery and Fifty Fifty, aswell as a lot of the local artists and people from surrounding streetwear-orientated establishments who didn't mind being talked at by two rat-arsed teenagers trying to promote an irrelevant cycling blog.


P.s., In a stupor, I deleted the note on my phone that had all the websites of the artists I met, so if you see your picture or one of your stuff, be sure to contact us as I'd be more than happy to throw a link up!


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