The newest addition to the family...

So here she is, my new Cannondale Track! Last week the opportunity arose for me to get my hands on this beauty and how could I turn it down.
She should be being built up this week if things go to plan.
The Eddy McGrath may indeed come up for sale, but that will be clearly advertised if it does.



Team 312

Here are two really nice edits from liveteam321 on vimeo.



Ricky's done it again!

Here is the newest build by one of the countries best track frame builders. A very slick, thick and patriotic build by Ricky. Perfect to keep use in the Olympic spirit, good job.
More details over on the feather blog.


Velocity #1

New seen this before and thought it was pretty cool.



Trakke Messenger bag

So the Glasgow based brand Trakke have just released there new 'krukke' messenger back. It is handmade in the UK and uses a number of very high quality materials, this ensures it longevity even through everyday use. 
I personally think that the bags look incredibly comfortable and spacious making them great to ride with. They are retailing at £180 and can be bought straight from www.trakke.co.uk, so head over, take a gander and take a read of the spec.




Now I found these two builds that I personally consider to be my favourite bikes of all time. They're pretty different builds and unique for there own reasons, but my main question is which do you prefer?
Let me know in the comments below which build in your eyes is superior.



Matt's Ammaco

Yesterday I received a very nice email explaining that Matt was finally ready for the readers to scrutinise his beloved Ammaco Triathlon. It's had a nice re-paint and some restoration to bring it to its present state. it consists of a number of Paul and Nitto components, and he seems to be putting in the miles on it. Its follows a traditional vibe with the brown leather grip tape and saddle, tying it in nicely with the oxford life style. 

Here are pictures of before and after the transformation. 
There is also an image of Matt's and his wifes bike (Raleigh Record Sprint) side by side.

Let him know what you think in the comments and if you have a bike you want shown email me at fixedgearoxford@gmail.com