Velocity vs H+son

For my new Lo-Pro build I have been looking for a deep rim, it's really between the Velocity B43 or the H+son Formation Face. There has been a huge debate between them for along time and I am just going to take a look at them both a bit closer:

H+son Formation Face:

Weight: 615 grams
Material: G609 Alloy
Height: 42 mm
Size: 700c 650c
Drillings: 24 28 32 36
Joint: Welded

Velocity B43:

Weight: 770g
Size: 700c 650c
Height: 43 mm
Drillings: 24 28 32 36 48

So now I have looked at some details they are relatively the same! The Velocity is triple walled, but I'm not doing tricks. They retail about the same (£70ish)  I think from looking at them the matt finish on the H+son's looks really good, so to be honest there is nothing between them and we will have to wait and see! Once I've got mine built up I will do a little review so stay tuned for that!


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