On lock.

Bike accessories experts Knogg have announced that they're starting anew range of mini bike locks. Available in a few different colours and sporting post-modern dimensions, the lock definitely looks cooler than the more popular Kryptonite Mini, but will it perform at the same standards?

I have high hopes.
Pick one up from the Knogg website when they're released in the new year.



Happy birthday JC!

Ted's Charge Plug:


Seasons greetings.

Tony's Charge Plug:


Sale on the site.

Just a heads up: if you're looking to sell some parts, email us with a picture, stats and quotes at fixedgearoxford@gmail.com! We'll add it as a post with your email at the bottom so you can make private arrangements with any buyers.


Be generic.

Ted just picked up a nude carbon aerospoke. Despite the bad press, there is definitely a ride improvement, heads will turn and make your bike look a whole lot less stock not to mention how iconic the aerospoke is for the whole scene. However, they are a theft magnet; you will find yourself carrying around two locks. Also in the windy cherwell valley, there is the problem of getting blown out in front of traffic, If you manage to pick up a painted one, they chip easily which makes resale a bitch, so we'd recommend doing as Ted did and going nude.

Pick one up if you can.

If you've got an aerospoke or another carbon-based wheel, send us a picture!

Good things come in small sizes.

The Redbull Minidrome is coming to London! If you're up for a good laugh and some serious competition and some dirty bails. Get yourself down to Bethnal Green on 15th of January.

For all the information you need, visit the Redbull site.


Lost and Found.

Quick shoutout to Lost and Found clothing. 
They've got a good thing going and I'm sure we'd see the sick designs multiply with a bit more publicity. 
Check out their blog and bigcartel and help them out.



For sale.

Ted is selling this rear charge dish wheel. The stickers look sweet and make the rim look much deeper when you've put a tyre on it. He's including the 16t cog and lock ring shown in the picture. He's willing to let this go for a lot less than its worth so jump on it guys.

If you want to make him a reasonable offer, email us at fixedgearoxford@gmail.com



Make sure you guys head down to the old Cycle Workshop on the 28th for an art exhibition and alleycat before they close down shop!

Keep on top of Dan's schemes by heading to the Alleycat Action page or the OCW facebook group.


Did anyone pick up a pair of these?


Bargain hunters...

Heelll yeah. We'll hopefully be getting some flyers in BLB on our trip up there. Look out for them!


As mentioned in the preceding post, neither me nor Ted have been keeping up with the fixed gear scene in Oxford as of late but I thought I'd mention a piece of information we picked up the other week;
As you may or may not know, Oxford Cycle Workshop is shutting down as a part of a re-branding scheme to convert the the whole operation into a mobile bike-servicing sort of business, much like the 'On Ya Bike' organization. This has been worrying me as its probably the only down-to-earth fixie friendly bike shop in the area. I would hate to see them go out of business, as they seem to sponsor quite a lot of the the events and alleycats in the Oxford area, and I'm worried their change of scene is going to loose them publicity. And I'm not quite sure what this means for the beloved festival.

What I'm getting at is basically that they do still exist, and needless to say, they're some cool dudes so keep them in the black! 

Catch the full story here.


Never left.

The weather is officially wank. On top of not being able to ride due to ice etc., we've been pretty busy sorting out the various different pies our fingers are currently in. This involves not only builds but also t-shirts, and musical endeavors which will be advertised on the blog as soon as post-able progress has been made so keep a lookout!
Unfortunately this means that, probably until after christmas , posts will be erratic, however we will do periodic checkups to keep you all updated.

We want to give a shoutout to Freshtripe bikes for plugging us on their blog. Buy things from them! 
Also name dropping Spire BMX! Get in touch with them if you haven't already ran into these dudes at cutteslowe ramps. Awesome lads which a whole lot of talent.

Peace, happy holidays and introduce some more Dilla into your life:


No Tricks but a Treat.

In the spirit of the holiday we thought we'd give the not-often-reviewed Mongoose Maurice a few words. When one of our mates picked one up, we were all a bit surprised that its more a commuting geometry. Being a Mongoose we expected a more thrashing oriented kind of off-the-peg ride, a bit more like what SE did with the PK Ripper. Needless to say, the bike looks great especially after some minor surgery, although investing in some straight forks would be recommended for barspinning and and general trickery which is, again, the kind of product you'd want from BMX specialist Mongoose. But apart from this, the quality of this bike is impressive and is serious value for money at less than £300. 



Waterways to Woodstock

Today we did an outing to Blenheim Palace and woodstock. We documented it as some of the photo-ops were too good to miss. The ride itself is easy but physically demanding and diverse in terms of terrain. Woodstock is actually quite fun to ride around with some tight alleys and a big hill coming out the other side. After sneaking round the back of Blenheim park to avoid dropping 10£, we rode around for a bit and took some flicks. In all it was glorious whether and turned out to be a sick day. We would recommend you take the trip.


Wagwan in your bag?

Keep 'em peeled.

Today we've been lurking around oxford sticking some cards in to some local riders' spokes for publicity reasons. So if you ride fixed and leave your bike around in City Centre or Summertown keep an eye out for one of these bad boys:

Introducing some variation.




Shitty weather again. Bad news for cycling, but we are planning a lot with our bikes and hopefully some trips to document. Look out for new things in the near future and some publicity exploits we have planned.



Charge sale on Wiggle.

Wiggle are flogging the last of their 2010 Charge Plugs at very tempting prices.
Get them before they go at the Wiggle website.  


Going well.

Let up-and-comer Mac Miller be the soundtrack to your next commute.

Pick'n'Fix # 3

Installment no. 3  
Let's have a look at:


Frame: Green Leader track frame. 
Wheels: Stock UH white wheels. 

Forks: Brown SE forks.  

Seat post: Bontrager Carbon.  

Stem: White Deda.  

Seat: Stock Mountain bike (getting rid of asap)  

Chain: KMC singlespeed.  

Handlebars: Charge Spit.  

Headset: Red Woodman.  

Crankset: All city 42t (dope parts)  

Tell us what you think of it?


Pick'n'Fix #2

Installment no. 2
Let's have a look at:


Frame: Very small 08 SE lager.
Wheels: Silver DT swiss laced to stock SystemEX hubs.
Forks: Grey Charge Whisk Forks
Seat post: Ritchey Carbon.
Stem: FSA Vision. (worth dropping the cash on!)
Seat: Stock VELO (hopefully picking up a charge one soon)
Chain: KMC singlespeed.
Handlebars: Charge Spit.
Grips: Ltd. edition chocolate ory's
Headset: Stock FSA with dope Niner Yawd headset bottlecap.
Crankset: FSA cranks on a 48t.
Tell us what you think of it?


Eye candy.

Ultimate videos by ultimate dudes.

Pick'n'Fix #1

sInstallment no. 1 
Today we're gonna look at:

Frame: Silver Charge Plug Racer 2009
Wheels: White Charge Dish Wheels
Forks: Black Charge Whisk Forks
Seat post: Orange Charge x Wiggle Seat post
Stem: Black Block BMX stem
Seat: White Charge Spoon Saddle
Chain: Black Charge Half-Link Masher Chain
Handlebars: Mountain Bike Stock Bars
Grips: Lime Green Charge Plunger Grips
Toe Cages: Lime Green BLB Toe Cages
Headset: FSA TH industries Headset
Crankset: Sugino RD2 Messenger
Ratio:  42x16
Tell us what you think of it?


Taylor gang or gears.

Photo op spotted in a Summertown car park.