As mentioned in the preceding post, neither me nor Ted have been keeping up with the fixed gear scene in Oxford as of late but I thought I'd mention a piece of information we picked up the other week;
As you may or may not know, Oxford Cycle Workshop is shutting down as a part of a re-branding scheme to convert the the whole operation into a mobile bike-servicing sort of business, much like the 'On Ya Bike' organization. This has been worrying me as its probably the only down-to-earth fixie friendly bike shop in the area. I would hate to see them go out of business, as they seem to sponsor quite a lot of the the events and alleycats in the Oxford area, and I'm worried their change of scene is going to loose them publicity. And I'm not quite sure what this means for the beloved festival.

What I'm getting at is basically that they do still exist, and needless to say, they're some cool dudes so keep them in the black! 

Catch the full story here.



  1. Thanks for the blog in memory of our wonderful premises on Magdalen Road.

    The fun isn't going to stop.
    We'll be selling more specialist bits and secondhand and classic components than ever through our workshop access nights at our Glanville Road training premises.

    The next Alleycat is a super exciting one on January 28th. We're gonna be holding an awesome art exhibition in our old shop space before we totally let it go and the January Alleycat will start there at 6.30pm.

    The festival will be back this year on May 6th - 8th 2011 with Alleycat action, bike polo, Papergirl ride, Bicycle Scrabble and music.

    Not having the shop leaves us even more free to do exciting things within our awesome city.

    See you soon, and thanks


  2. This is all very good news!
    Glad to hear you've still got everything under control.
    We'll definitely be making an appearance on the 28th this sounds like a really cool event and we'll make a post about it tomorrow.

    See you around!

    Sam & Ted