Never left.

The weather is officially wank. On top of not being able to ride due to ice etc., we've been pretty busy sorting out the various different pies our fingers are currently in. This involves not only builds but also t-shirts, and musical endeavors which will be advertised on the blog as soon as post-able progress has been made so keep a lookout!
Unfortunately this means that, probably until after christmas , posts will be erratic, however we will do periodic checkups to keep you all updated.

We want to give a shoutout to Freshtripe bikes for plugging us on their blog. Buy things from them! 
Also name dropping Spire BMX! Get in touch with them if you haven't already ran into these dudes at cutteslowe ramps. Awesome lads which a whole lot of talent.

Peace, happy holidays and introduce some more Dilla into your life:

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