Bespoked. Well...

As Ted mentioned a few posts ago, on Saturday we ventured down to Bespoked bicycle convention down in bristol. Being arseholes, we learned when we got there that neither of us had a camera, so no blog-able material was really obtained. However, massive shoutouts to Brother cycles for hooking us up with some sweet merch, and for generally being hospitable and chatty, as well as displaying some dope-ass bikes. Also, to Feather and Donhou for producing some of the prettiest builds we have ever laid eyes apon. We wish we'd had the chance to chat to some of you guys but we had to turn tail and run back to Oxford due to a tight time frame, and everyone looked - unsurprisingly - busy every time we approached. Again, sorry for not having any pictures but head over to The Foot Down for a really good review of the event.


Oh yeah, here's my (Sam's) new build

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